Your Tail light is out!!!!

We’ve all been there—driving down the road when suddenly we notice a fellow driver with a malfunctioning tail light or a dragging muffler. While it’s crucial to alert them about these issues for their safety and the safety of others, doing so can sometimes be risky. In this blog, we’ll explore safe and innovative ways to communicate with drivers about vehicle problems and introduce a novel solution to streamline the process.



The Problem with Shouting from Your Car:
Shouting to get a driver’s attention, especially when traveling at high speeds, can lead to confusion and dangerous situations. It’s essential to find a safer and more effective way to convey important information.



Introducing Citizen PD:
Imagine a platform that allows you to notify drivers about vehicle issues without endangering anyone on the road. Citizen PD is a solution designed to do just that. Here’s how it works:

1. Observe the Issue: When you notice a vehicle with a malfunctioning tail light or a dragging muffler, safely record the vehicle’s license plate and capture a video of the issue.

2. Sign Up for Citizen PD: Become a part of the Citizen PD community by signing up on the platform or through the upcoming mobile app.

3. Report the Issue: Upload the recorded video and the license plate information to Citizen PD. The platform will then identify and notify the driver involved.

4. Driver Awareness: Drivers signed up with Citizen PD will receive a notification, informing them of the issue with their vehicle, allowing them to take corrective action promptly.



Safety and Convenience Combined:
Citizen PD offers a safe, convenient, and efficient way to help fellow drivers address vehicle problems. It ensures that you can be a responsible road user without risking anyone’s safety.



Road safety is a collective responsibility, and sometimes, a simple act like notifying a fellow driver about a malfunctioning tail light can make a significant difference. With innovative solutions like Citizen PD, we can harness technology to promote safer roads and more responsible driving behavior. Together, we can create a safer driving environment for everyone on the road. So, the next time you see a vehicle with a problem, remember that there’s a safer way to help—sign up for Citizen PD and be part of the solution!

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