Walk San Frisco


San Francisco can and should be the safest, most walkable city in the United States. Yet every day, at least 3 people on average are hit while walking in our city.


Walk San Francisco exists to change this. We want nothing less than to make San Francisco the most pedestrian-friendly city in the United States.

What does our vision look like?


  • Exceptional pedestrian safety infrastructure that serves all people in every part of the city.
  • Equitable streets. This means everyone – of every age and ability – should be able to get around safely, easily, and affordably. It also means prioritizing the people and places that have been left behind or discounted for too long with street safety improvements.
  • A people- and safety-centered transportation system.
  • More c
  • ar-free and low-traffic streets and spaces.
  • Astounding numbers of people walking to get to school, to work, to play, to everywhere – because it’s that safe and inviting!
  • No more severe or fatal traffic crashes. None.