Streets for All

Everyone has the right to use our streets and public spaces safely, comfortably, and efficiently regardless of their age, income, race, gender, geography, or abilities.

Now is the time for bold action. Small, incremental steps will not suffice when thousands of lives are cut short by traffic violence each year and climate change threatens our very existence.

Everyone benefits from complete streets, which offer safety, comfort, and convenience for all users.

Long-term planning is always more effective than a quick fix. All too often, major infrastructure projects suffer from short-term thinking. We support transformative plans that will put us on the right path today to creating a better, safer, and healthier future for us all.

We have the potential to become a model for other cities to emulate as we fight climate change and make strides to solve our congestion and traffic violence crises.

We will only accomplish our goals by welcoming views from a wide swath of advocates, including people of all races, genders, ages, abilities, neighborhoods, and backgrounds.