Lets Drive… SAFE!


For over a decade, a vision has simmered, a dream of safer roads and more considerate drivers. Today, that vision is taking shape as we embark on the journey of creating a cohesive online and local community dedicated to improving driving safety and etiquette. In this blog, we’ll delve into the reasons behind our mission, the unique features of our platform, and how together, we can drive social change and create safer roads for everyone.



The Driving Safety Challenge:
Every day, we witness countless preventable incidents on the road—drivers making poor choices or failing to consider the consequences of their actions. These actions endanger lives, disrupt traffic flow, and contribute to the overall stress of commuting. But how do we initiate change in this scenario? The answer lies in reporting.



The Power of Reporting:
Reporting incidents and unsafe driving behaviors is the first step towards change. Our platform provides a safe and organized space for members of our community to report such incidents, backed by video evidence when possible. This data becomes a powerful tool to advocate for improvements such as increased traffic enforcement, better-designed intersections, and enhanced road markings.



Beyond Reporting:
While reporting is at the heart of our mission, we also believe in recognizing and applauding positive behaviors. As Jason Mraz wisely sang, “Look for the good.” We aim to foster a culture of gratitude by allowing our community to communicate issues safely and express appreciation for responsible drivers. Positive reinforcement can go a long way in promoting better driving habits.



Our Unique Approach:
You might wonder if other platforms already exist for reporting road incidents. The answer is yes, but our platform is designed to be comprehensive and unique in several ways:

1. Holistic Reporting: We gather data not only on incidents but also on the identification of drivers whenever possible. This enables us to engage with authorities for targeted action.

2. Community Building: We aim to create both online and local communities, connecting people who share the same goal of safer roads.

3. Advocacy for Change: Our platform goes beyond reporting by actively advocating for changes in road infrastructure and traffic management based on the data we collect.



Our vision is to bring about a positive change in driving behavior, transforming our roads into safer and more respectful environments for everyone. We believe in the power of community, reporting, and advocacy. Together, we can create a world where every driver is accountable for their actions, and our roads are truly safe and enjoyable to navigate. Welcome to our journey of driving change and making a difference on the road.

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